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Steve Darmody is one of Gospel Musics’ finest voices. He has been serving Christ through concert ministry since 1979, averaging some 100 concerts each year with well over 3500 concerts in his lifetime.  As the winner of the 1988 Estes Park Christian Music Seminar Vocal compitetions, Steve’s smooth bass-baritone voice has been compared to milk chocolate. His eight CDs feature some of the finest musicians and producers in Christian music, including Nashville’s Lari Goss and Dick Tunney.

His music style ranges from inspirational to adult contemporary music and light Christian Jazz. In addition to his recordings and live concert performance, Steve has appeared on numerous Christian television networks including the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Canada’s 100 Huntley Street; Cornerstone TeleVision (CTV); Daystar; The Miracle Channel; 3ABN, The Hope Channel and more. Steve has had the privilege of ministering in an array of situations and venues – from Carnegie Hall to make-shift stages in Australia’s outback. He was invited to share a gospel concert at the Pentagon and also sang for the US Senate Staff luncheon. Multiple overseas tours have taken him, literally, around the world. But his heart remains, as it has always been, in the ministry and mission of the local church.

Steve has been an Artist Associate for World Vision since 1992, finding over 4000 children sponsors for children in crisis. World Vision is the largest Christian relief, development and child sponsorship organization in the world, providing a better future to over one million children in almost 50 countries. Steve’s travels have taken him to Uganda, South Africa, Nicaragua, Hondurus, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Romania and many other countries in which World Vision works.  Steve treasures this first-hand experience with the world’s poor and and has been a vocal advocate for children.

Steve’s hope is that people will carry his songs into their daily lives, and be reminded that the claims of Christ, clearly found in His Word, will produce a life filled with contentment and peace.

Steve is the president of the Morning Song Music Group based in Chattanooga, TN. Besides the record label, Morning Song Music, he manages the Morning Song eStore which is an internet super store which sells CDs by a growing list of independent and label artists. The MSMG also has a concert booking and tour management agency – Morning Song Concerts.

More Background

When Steve Darmody was 14, the choir teacher at his new school noticed his recently changed deep voice. Steve was encouraged to join the school choir and soon discovered a love for music which gave new direction to his life. That year he sang his first solo and from that moment on he sang at every opportunity.

He spent the next five summers in full-time Christian singing groups developing his vocal and ministry skills. He found that as his talent developed, so did his relationship with God. During his 11th grade school year, Steve responded to God’s call to the gospel ministry while helping in a church revival series as the song leader and soloist. Steve received his Masters of Divinity degree in 1981. The same year he ventured into an enlarged music ministry by recording his first album, Friends, in Nashville with one of gospel music’s foremost arrangers, Lari Goss. Lari has produced three CDs for Steve spanning three decades. Two of Steve’s CD were produced by award-winning songwriter and arranger, Dick Tunney.

Steve and Joni on tour in 1994 in Decatur, IL

In the summer of 1988, Steve was honored to win first place in the national vocal competitions held at the Estes Park, ChristianArtists’ Music Seminar in the Rockies. Within three years, the production of his Constant Refuge recording, coupled with an emerging radio presence, launched Steve into a full-time ministry. Morning Song became Steve’s private record label after first signing with Brentwood Records in 1979, then Chapel Records (1981).

Steve began attending annual conventions (GMA and the Estes Park Artist Retreat) to learn better the spiritual and business end of ministry. From almost a decade of ‘learning’ Steve started Morning Song Music as his label and ministry management company. As his ministry grew, other artists of like-mind and mission were invited to partner with Steve in ministry projects and eventual the Morning Song label invited other artists to join.  Morning Song has since become a respected Christian record label, featuring excellent inspirational Christian music ministries such as Jennifer LaMoutaint, Rudy Micelli, Jaclyn Pruehs, Vonda Beerman.  He also books artists such as Wintley Phipps, Jaime Jorge, Charles Haugabrooks, Reggie and Ladye Love Smith and more.

World Vision Artist

If you’re even somewhat familiar with my music and work, you know that I’m a huge fan of World Vision.  I’ve been working with World Vision for the past two decades.  I’ve traveled on multiple overseas trips and have recently returned from my first trip to Uganda (August 2011) to see our work there first hand. This trip was life changing, as were all the rest.

I’M NOT a politician with influence over nations.  I’M NOT a scientist with an antidote to cure disease.  I AM an artist with a platform and opportunity to be a voice for those who don’t have one.  I AM a fellow traveler in this world where I can stand with others against injustice and advocate for the hopeless.  I AM a follower of Jesus and believe it is right to love everyone and not forget the widow and the orphan.

I work with World Vision because they are an honest organization actively and effectively helping people.  I’ve traveled across the globe to see this work first hand.  I’ve spent time in villages and communities where hope is returning and joy lives, because of our help.  When you see a child start to believe they have value and worth….it not only changes them, it changes you.

Over the course of these years I have seen people in my audience generously respond as messengers of hope.  They have helped and sponsored over 3,500 children living under the weight of poverty and vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. It takes only $39 a month for someone to sponsor one child, but the impact is actually much larger than you might think.  We know that for every sponsored child, 7 to 10 people are impacted and receive some benefit.  This means that 20-25,000 lives have been touched through your generosity (sponsorship) after attending one of my concerts.  Amazing!

To sponsor a child through Steve’s ministry, simply click this link and find a child for your family.

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress…James 1:27

Watch Steve’s World Vision music video

Press Release

Steve Darmody is an award winning baritone Gospel singer with 8 CDs and nearly 3500 concerts under his belt and counting. He is one of Gospel Musics’ finest voices and winner of the 1988 Estes Park Christian Music Seminar Vocal competitions.  Since 1980, Steve has been faithfully sharing Christ through inspirational concerts and recordings.  He tours internationally and does nearly 100 concerts and appearances each year worldwide. He sings for all denominational groups and national gatherings.

His uniquely comforting and smooth baritone voice has been likened to “milk Chocolate” leading to being compared to Bing Crosby and Pat Boone. He has performed on numerous Christian television networks including TBN (8 times), Canada’s Cornerstone TeleVision (CTV); HopeTV; Daystar, and the 3ABN Satellite Network.

Steve has ministered in an array of situations and venues – from military bases, hospitals, and shopping malls to some of the finest performing arts centers here and abroad. He has a long list of guest appearances which include venues like Carnegie Hall, the Warsaw Philharmonic, a concert at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and many more.

Steve has shared the stage with a host of with Christian artists during his long career including Sandi Patty, Michael English, Wintley Phipps and more. Multiple overseas tours have taken him, literally, around the world. But his heart remains, as it has always been, in the ministry and mission of the local church.

Steve is the president of Morning Song Music Group, including Morning Song, Inc. ( non-profit).  He manages these as well as several other subsidiary companies including the Morning Song Online eStore ( and Morning Song Concerts (booking and tours) ( and the Morning Song Music Cruise (

Steve's Family

Steve and his wife, Joni, have been married 40 years. Joni is an elementary school teacher at a private Christian school. She also works with Morning Song Music in various capacities. They have two adult children, Jaclyn and Alan, and their families live in Ooltewah, TN. Alan and his wife, Alysa have two children, Margot and Ollie.  Jaclyn and her husband, Dr. Brooks Pruehs have two  children, Jack and Norah.