Crossroads TeleVision Appearance (video)

Steve Performed LIVE on Cornerstone TeleVision, Friday night, Aug. 22.  Over a two hour period Steve sang 50 minutes worth of songs from your latest CD, “The Time That Remains”. Ron Hembree, the Executive Director of the network, and Steve enjoyed bantering back and forth on camera.

Cornerstone Television is one of our nation’s largest and most respected satellite networks. Steve first performed on Crossroads in December of 1996 when he was asked to share a live Christmas Concert. Steve has appeared on Cornerstone four times since, including a Friday night slot in 2007 when he was asked to preach! What an honor that was for Steve.  Many people don’t know that Steve pastored for 12 years.  While being interviewed by Ron Hembree, Ron brought up the fact that Steve had been an SDA pastor and while on live TV invited him back the next night.  “I feel impressed that God has a message for us through Steve”, Ron shared. When the opportunity comes to speak, Steve considers it a precious opportunity. 

Below is one of the songs Steve sang during the two hour musical feature entitled, Free.  Buy a copy.

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