Packing for the weekend at 3ABN.

I’m leaving in the next couple of hours. Still haven’t packed clothes. I’m sending this message and picture from my iPhone. I plan to take candid iPhone pictures throughout the week and “blog” them directly to this website/blog.

Somehow, and it’s still a mystery for Delta Airlines, they moved my gate at the last minute and then when I went back to my gate from uploading a file for a concert in Springfield for that Saturday night, I, simply put, got on the wrong plane!!! – although it was at my correct gate – and ended up in New York City. I’m on a return flight now from JFK to STL. (see iphone picture to the right.) Another chapter for my book!

I loved, as always, my weekend at 3ABN with Jim Gilley and Danny Shelton. Also there was my lifelong friend – “the voice I want to be when I grow up” – Herman Harp.

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3 Responses to Packing for the weekend at 3ABN.

  1. jpruehs says:

    OH…MY…GOODNESS…DAD!! That’s what I like to call, “Pulling a Steve” 🙂 But I’m sorry you went all the way to NY! Hey, next time TAKE ME!

  2. We have 9 more years to wait for the NY trip Brooke has promised us. But that’s not to say we can’t go before then.

  3. vea says:

    hi Steve i love your music very much…i laugh when i read your blog:) how does it feel when you already know that your plane is going to NY not on your destination?

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